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Catalysing climate action for individuals and organisations

Sara Nyberg


My name is Sara Nyberg. I want to do everything I can, and as long as I can, to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases which are contributing to the climate crisis we are in. I have been active for ten years in different environmental and climate organisations and have a degree in environmental and energy systems engineering.

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Latest posts

How to make a green impact in the Swedish elections

Towards a greener future in Swedish politics. How to get involved, how to show your support and personal experiences.

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Engaging as a young leader in energy and sustainability

In this post I want to share about my engagement in the organisation YES-Europe, Young Leaders in Energy and Sustainability Europe, in the last four years. I also write about the Annual Conference in Torino which took place on the 22-23 April 2022.

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The need for decisive climate action

Warm welcome to my website and my first post! My name is Sara Nyberg and I am very excited to share my knowledge and thoughts about climate and other environmental topics. I will not only write facts from climate science and show what causes how much emissions and deep dive into certain topics or technologies, but also have a big focus on how you can get involved and take climate action: both as an individual, consumer, employee and as a citizen.

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